What is CMS bots?

It is an online tool to create a CMS(Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress etc) based websites, Design your layout using the Website Generator tool here and click "Save template", that's it. You will receive a complete Website of your preferred CMS in the email. You can call this tool as on-demand web development.

Why the name CMSbots ?

Bots means soft robots, programmed to do specific task, CMS bots is group of programmed bots, which create website of your favorite CMS based on the design / layout you chooses. Thus the name. 

What are the CMSs and Frameworks it supports?

Currently it generates Drupal 7 and Bootstrap HTML templates. We are working hard to port to , Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, feel free to contact if you want any other cms. See here complete list here 

What kind of support you provide ?

We have forum, email support, Soon with a ticketing system, we keep improving it. 

Why should i needs to use this?

Developing websites using CMSs / Frameworks will take at least 1 to 30 days with a custom template design, This tool does it for you. It creates 90% of work in minute, (it saves few days of your time), and you needs to give finishing touch to exported site. 

Will this generate complete CMS?

No, it wont give you 100% working website of your favorite website. You still need to add content / media by yourself and many some other configurations and finishing touch. But we can help for you to finish 100% website at extra cost. But 80-90% of work in a few minutes, that's a lot of time and money saving.

I don't know coding or hosting, Is this tool is for me?

You can use if you feel this is cool, but still you need a support of the web developer to finish your website, you can hire us here to complete your project. 

I have my own PSD, can you convert it to working website?

Yes we do, Please contact here to get quote. 

What will i get after i designed using the tool and pay?

You will receive, document, code, SQL file.  After payment, you will receive a link to download your work, Alternatively, you can see all your files in my order section. Please see the full features here .

What payment you accept?

We currently accept Paypal, We are trying to add more options. 

Can i refer a friend?

We are glad, And we will give you 1$ credit for each of your invitee signed up in our website. You can use that credit only for purchase services. 

Can i get PSD for the Design along with the code ?

Sorry, But you can get JPEG file. 

Can i sell the theme i generate here ?

You have two plans, 1) Single usage, 2) Reseller / Developer, you cannot resell the theme bought for single site usage. Please see the plan here for more details.

Is this ready to use? 

We are still in beta, But you can still design and pre-order it, You will get your files once it's ready. 

I like this product, Can i become affiliate?

We are glad, One time fee of 250$ needs to pay, you can see more about affiliate here 

I like to resale cmsbots services?

Wonderful, You can have same tool as cmsbots.com with your own name, You can setup your own price for each services, You can earn lot of money, we take care your background operations inclination customer support etc., please see more here.