Why most of the web developers are single, how to get into love-life from this valentine's day

When the entire world is getting ready for valentine's day, web developers spend their time in fixing layouts for Internet Explorer and smaller devices. Life of web developer is too miserable, they have to fight with designer, clients, boss, tester, and team mates to fix too many things!

Though we have a lot of CMS / frameworks to make the job easier, We still need to deal with IE, Design, Layout, testing, finding Plugins / modules and configuring it.

No more such hassles! Thanks CMSbots.com. CMSbots comes with the solution to reduce your time and effort for web development projects. Just a few clicks to design your layout and export as a fully configured CMS website (currently supports only Drupal 7, but we will port to other CMS soon). Just spend few minutes and follow these steps.
1) Design your layout and design here cmsbots.com
2) Save
3) Get your fully configured Drupal websites in your inbox (48 hours in beta, just 10 mins from march 20th)
4) Spend your time with your beloved one, or find a beloved one.

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valentines day for web developers



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