How to be a smart drupal developer

The time, cost, energy and effort spent on drupal projects are very high. The cost of designer is very high, in spite of that your client may reject your design and force you to start from first. As a designer, I know the stress and pressure. Design is still first task of your project. 

After spending days to design, you get approval, then you have to analyze and find the modules suitable for your project, and learn to configure it. It takes days to configure right module, setting up content types, views, blocks, roles, and other stuffs. 

Job is not yet done, you have to create a drupal theme which should mirror the design you got approved. I don't need to tell you how boring it is to fix the layout in Internet Explorer and responsive layouts, and adding dummy contents and right images to please your client. 

And set up role for content editor, so your client wont mess-up the site. Finally install some essential modules like SEO modules, performance modules.

Well a single freelancer will take a week to month to get a project done and collect money. How about doing all these in just a few hours and make more profit. You save time, energy, and preserving health for future. 

One of my friends, who ran a web design company with 15 staff for 3 years, made no profit. When he started to use this tool, he finished projects in one-tenth of time he used to do before, with only 3 staff now. He makes his clients happy because of faultless and timely work. He is getting more money to keep his family happy, he paid his debt, he has no more work stress and pressure which spoiled his health before. He is now spending more time with friends and family. He no more breaks his head with developers. 

Dear freelancer drupal developers and agencies, make your 2015 awesome with the new


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