Remove Border radius from twitter bootstrap

Everyone loves twitter bootstrap, frontend framework which saves 1000s of hours. But most clients like flat corner over rounded corners for buttons, menus, pager and 100 more componenets. So what is the deal?. Here the CSS file which overrides the border radius of twitter bootstrap 3.

It reset the border radius for following elements

How to be a smart drupal developer

The time, cost, energy and effort spent on drupal projects are very high. The cost of designer is very high, in spite of that your client may reject your design and force you to start from first. As a designer, I know the stress and pressure. Design is still first task of your project. 

After spending days to design, you get approval, then you have to analyze and find the modules suitable for your project, and learn to configure it. It takes days to configure right module, setting up content types, views, blocks, roles, and other stuffs. 

Why most of the web developers are single, how to get into love-life from this valentine's day

When the entire world is getting ready for valentine's day, web developers spend their time in fixing layouts for Internet Explorer and smaller devices. Life of web developer is too miserable, they have to fight with designer, clients, boss, tester, and team mates to fix too many things!

Though we have a lot of CMS / frameworks to make the job easier, We still need to deal with IE, Design, Layout, testing, finding Plugins / modules and configuring it.